Business Advisory

What is Business Advisory?

This service like a number of services being offered by Accountants in the market place these days is a little misunderstood in that it’s not necessarily obvious what a Business Advisory Service entails.

Essentially it is a service we provide whereby our primary and sole purpose is to analyse your current business operation, identify what is good and bad about it and then offer ways and means by which to improve it. This would be done over a set period of time with regular checks at set intervals on the way, to make sure you are achieving the improvements and goals you committed to. It must however be remembered at all times that it is a two-way street – it will not work unless you commit to it.

This process is not rocket science, but it is a process that is hardly ever considered because most small to medium business owners never have the time to consider it and if they do, they just simply don’t know where to go to get the right advice or they think that it’s going to be too expensive. Once again that’s where we come in. This service is one of our great passions and we embrace it with both arms, because it could ultimately allow you to work “on the business” instead of ‘working in it’. How good would that be?

It can be a simple process or a complex one – it is up to you as there may only be a couple of areas that you wish to address. Generally, there are three (3) parts to the process which comprise:

  1. Accepting the fact that you need help firstly and fore mostly, leaving your ego at the door and then and only then determining; what you want to achieve; by when you want to achieve it; and what your mission, vision and values are
  2. Once that’s done it’s a matter of assessing everything about the business you like, don’t like and want to improve and then deciding on what needs to be changed and how these changes are going to achieved
  3. The final stage is the implementation of the plan, testing it, checking it, measuring it and adjusting it. It may be surprising to know but everything can be measured

“Everyone Needs a Trusted Third Party Advisor”

Following are some of the areas that can be looked at if applicable:

Business Plan


Accounting Systems

Product Pricing

Cost Control

Stock Control


Staffing Levels



Cash Flow Management

Budgeting & Forecasting

Reporting & Benchmarking

Asset Protection

Tax Planning

Business Succession Plan

Shareholder Agreements

Buy/Sell Agreements

Advisory Board

Corporate Governance

Organisational Chart

Web Presence

Sales and Marketing



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This is
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