Dealing with the ATO: simple tips for taxpayers

(21/06/2019) The way we approach tax matters can sometimes end up making a big difference to our bottom line and stress levels. Here are three tips to help individual taxpayers achieve a better outcome when lodging and dealing with the ATO this tax time. Tip one: Get help with debts early: If you’re experiencing financial […]

Moving overseas? Three options for your SMSF

(21/06/2019) Taking an extended job posting overseas? If you currently have an SMSF, there’s a risk your fund’s “central management and control” (CMC) will be considered to move outside Australia. This causes the SMSF to become non-resident, resulting in hefty penalty taxes, so it’s essential to plan for this before you go. Here are some […]

Working and studying part-time: can I deduct my course fees?

(24/05/2019) Planning on going “back to school”? The costs can really add up, but the good news is that your course fees may be deductible if the course is sufficiently related to your current employment. In this first instalment of a two-part series, we explain when you can deduct your tuition fees for work-related education. […]

SMSFs vs other types of funds: some issues to consider

(14/06/2019) Thinking about setting up an SMSF? For many people, SMSFs are a great option for building retirement savings, but they may not be suitable for everyone. In this first of a two-part series, we explain some of the key differences between SMSFs and public offer funds. While public offer funds are managed by professional […]

What real estate can I transfer to my SMSF?

(07/06/2019) Transferring a commercial property into an SMSF can be a great way to build retirement savings and take advantage of the tax benefits available to SMSFs. The rental income and capital gains are concessionally taxed, or even tax exempt to the extent the property supports retirement phase pensions. So, if you run a business […]

How much tax is taken out of my super withdrawals

(31/05/2019) You’ve worked hard for your super, so make sure you access your benefits in the most tax-effective way possible. Members aged under 60 years will pay tax on their withdrawals, but if you’re over 60 you generally will not pay any tax. But there are always exceptions. The “tax free” component of your benefits […]

Is an SMSF corporate trustee worth the extra expense?

(24/05/2019) When setting up a new SMSF, one of the decisions you’ll need to make is whether you want to pay to establish a new company to act as a corporate trustee. The alternative option is appointing the members as individual trustees, which is initially cheaper, but may have downsides in the long run. A […]