What real estate can I transfer to my SMSF?

(07/06/2019) Transferring a commercial property into an SMSF can be a great way to build retirement savings and take advantage of the tax benefits available to SMSFs. The rental income and capital gains are concessionally taxed, or even tax exempt to the extent the property supports retirement phase pensions. So, if you run a business […]

ABN registrations under scrutiny: does yours stack up?

(31/05/2019) Have you run a small business that has ceased or paused operations? Or perhaps you’ve been hired as an ABN contractor? The ATO is cleaning up the Australian Business Register and is on the lookout for people who may not be entitled to hold an ABN. This year, the ATO has been focused on […]

How much tax is taken out of my super withdrawals

(31/05/2019) You’ve worked hard for your super, so make sure you access your benefits in the most tax-effective way possible. Members aged under 60 years will pay tax on their withdrawals, but if you’re over 60 you generally will not pay any tax. But there are always exceptions. The “tax free” component of your benefits […]

Are you declaring your “odd jobs” income from gig economy sites?

(10/05/2019) “Gig economy” platforms like Airtasker are allowing Australians to earn some extra cash by completing a staggering variety of odd jobs – everything from gardening to data entry and even standing in line for concert tickets! Here, we explain the tax issues that arise when you earn money performing these “gigs”. It’s important to […]

Is an SMSF corporate trustee worth the extra expense?

(24/05/2019) When setting up a new SMSF, one of the decisions you’ll need to make is whether you want to pay to establish a new company to act as a corporate trustee. The alternative option is appointing the members as individual trustees, which is initially cheaper, but may have downsides in the long run. A […]

Binding nominations: make sure your super passes into the right hands

(17/05/2019) When you pass away, your superannuation benefits do not automatically form part of your estate. Instead, they’re paid out by your superannuation fund’s trustee who has the discretion to decide who will receive your benefits and in what form. So, what can you do to ensure your super is paid out in accordance with […]

Changes ahead for inactive super accounts: are you affected?

(10/05/2019) Got an old super fund account you haven’t touched for years? New rules mean “inactive” accounts (ie no contributions or rollovers for 16 months) will lose their insurance coverage from 1 July 2019 – unless you want to keep your insurance and take action now. Low-balance accounts may even be transferred to the ATO […]

Getting your small business ready for STP reporting

(17/05/20019) Have you sorted out Single Touch Payroll (STP) arrangements for your small business? If not, it’s time to get cracking! From 1 July 2019, STP reporting will become mandatory for all employers, including small businesses (ie those with fewer than 20 employees) that have previously been exempt. The ATO has set a three-month transition […]

What does “retirement” mean for super access purposes?

(03/05/2019) Did you know that if you’re aged between 60 and 64, you can access your super if you change jobs – without retiring permanently? The rules about when you can access your super on “retirement” grounds vary depending on your age. Find out exactly what’s required for your age group. Under preservation age: Before […]

03/05/2019: Can my business claim the R&D incentive for software projects?

Is your company planning to develop software as part of an experimental R&D project? You may qualify for the R&D tax incentive, even if you’re not a software developer but operate in a technology-focused industry such as manufacturing. However, the activities you claim for must genuinely meet the relevant tests – and the ATO says […]