Here are the latest ATO Updates as of August 09, 2018.

• Latest news on tax law and policy — Details of proposed changes to tax and superannuation legislation and policy, and how the ATO proposes to administer the changes.

• Advice under development — income tax issues — ATO advice and guidance being developed on income tax issues.

• January 2018 ATO Impersonation scam report — ATO Impersonation scam January 2018 monthly intelligence report; providing a snapshot of scam intelligence received by the ATO and the education and awareness strategies the ATO are undertaking to disrupt scammer activity.

• Scam reports — Explains the ATO Impersonation Scam monthly intelligence report and education and awareness strategies being undertaken to disrupt scammer activity.

• Strike against suspected phoenix activity and tax avoidance — The ATO undertook a coordinated strike on tax agents suspected of phoenix activity and tax avoidance. Read about how the ATO were tipped off and action taken.

• Tax gap for individuals — estimation method — This page answers questions about how the ATO estimated the tax gap for individuals not in business.

• Donations to help drought victims — This page highlights the potential tax impacts of raising funds or donating through crowdfunding platforms to assist drought-affected communities.

• Drought assistance crowdfunding — The tax implications associated with making donations via crowdfunding and using crowdfunding payments in a business.